Cosmetic Perfection of Korea

Its absolutelykorean plastic surgeon no secret just how popular cosmetic procedures are in South Korea. This is a country that recieves more surgeries per capita than America or anywhere else. This is surprising when you look at surgically inclined cities such as Portland. In such a fiercely competitive culture, these surgeries serve as more than a superficial alteration to your looks.

Most of the data agrees that around one in five south Korean women have had some surgical enhancements. The popularity is more than easy to see, TV shows and internet ads in the major cities are stuffed with ads for cosmetic surgeries. The stunning results of before and after pictures are enough to eventually lure in anyone without perfect facial symmetry. Super models and world class actors may even question if their previous surgery nailed the look.

Its very common for even the youngest of koreans to go into surgery. South koreans value appearence much differently than Western cultures. Openly acknolodging how improvements in appearence will improve their chances of success, koreans talk straight. This might be a topic for us as a world to contemplate together. Is Korea a more superficial nation, or will going under the knife improve your chances of success anywhere?

The Culture

sexy plastic surgeryNealy all of the country will admit that their standards for beauty are higher than most countries. Can this truly be the correct conclusion? or are they just a little more sensitive with how it affects their careers and lives? Ask a few more questions and you’ll become aware of the standard requirement for face picture submissions with nearly every job applicaiton. Even for jobs where appearences matter so little such as garbage delivery or inventory work require this. Can an entire nation truly be this superficial? You be the judge.

No matter what you may make of their drastic culture, you cannot deny that this nation is spoiled when it comes to their plastic surgeon specialists. They have massive surges of medical tourism resulting from the internet trends surrounding their unbelievable before and afters.

The medical tourism economy in South korea is stronger than anywhere else in the world, even America. Clients flock here because of the massive prestige built up over nearly every media outlet about the skill of the surgeons there. Its often worth the flight but some doctors will set you back quite a bit, especially if you’re considering major surgery in the Gangnam region.